Antique Radio Archives

Here's a list of all the classic radios we've sold so far. In a way, it serves as a museum of old radios.  There is a wide variety, and some of the prettiest antique classic radios made. All of these have been sold, and are enjoying new homes. Take a stroll through, and see some beautiful radios. 

look especially for those sets that have a certain style, that elevates it in style from the pack. Luckily, the era flourished with such sets. Competition for the radio market pushed makers to do anything to set their radios apart and the simplest way to achieve this was through cabinet design. And the obverse can be true; a common set, redone to capture its singular design quality, which can look quite fresh to our modern eyes.

I have an affinity for the wooden cabinets, especially with more obscure veneer combinations, and more daring touches, such as fins and louvers. The large Dials of the era are also a magnate, as are the green magic eye tube.

Most of these were sold on the Radio Attic, between 2009 and 2013.