Other Makes of Antique Radios for Sale

Fairbanks Morse model 6C

fairbanks morse 6c
Indianapolis based Fairbanks Morse was famous for their heavy railroad comonents and stationary engines   used around the world.  In the early '30's it branched into radio manufacturing.  The 6C introduced the large colorful dial and introduced the new green tuning eye tube visible on the front. Three band , 6 tube set.

Pilot model G 184

Long Island City, NY. based Pilot was a firm that was created at the dawn of commercial radio, and was famed for its excellent SW reception and build quality.In WW2, citizens of the belligerant powers residing in the States were required to have their radios SW band disabled, and this is such  set.

RCA Victor 40x-56 NY Worlds Fair

ny worlds fair radio
Produced to commerate the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, at which the Amercian public was introduced to working television and GM exhibited a full size see thru sedan.The face of  this set illustrates the Trylon,Perisphere, and of course, the RCA exhibit hall.  Set is original in all respects, and retains its originaL back.
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