Antique Sparton Radios for Sale

Sparton 557 "sled"

In 1935, Sparton employed Walter S. Teauge to design one of most influential series of radios - the mirrored series. Produced in cobalt blue and peach, the line up from the faboulous Nocturne  down to the model 409became instant classics.  The designs are so desired, several modern Art museums have them in their collection.

Sparton model N3

This set should not  be here.  It was a model produced using a then new capacitor vendor to Sparton. The capacitors promptly failed, leaving ruined radios and reputations in the wake.It is very likely the only known example.

Sparton model 517

Sparton was a Michigan based maker, and its series of cube sets were very well received.  The speaker fires upward, and the dial is as 30's as one gets.

Sparton Model 618 Tombstone Radio

Sparton 618 Tombstone
Beautiful and impresive Sparton.  Michigan maker that produced some of the best looking sets of the era. Big colorful dial, column corners with shouldered cabinet wasn't enough, they threw in the black pinstripes!
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