Antique Zenith Radios for Sale

Zenith 5 S 119

Chicago was the home of Zenith, one of the most prolific and admired makers of the Golden Age.  They built their reputation on building solid ,  and reliable performing radios with a small tube count.This reciever is 5 tubes, three bands, and an 8 in. speaker in a handsome cabin
$ 1300.00

1938 Zenith 7 s 232AT export Tombstone Radio

1938 Zenith model 7  s 232AT  Export version Tombstone Radio, side view
The finest example of this popular antique set I have ever found. Its chassis is near prtistine, with its correct oversized transformer and special black, crinckle painted speaker. As you can see by the pictures, the already clean chassis was literally disassembled, cleaned, oiled and reassembled.  All caps and filters replaced, along with all tubes. I include an original Zenith 6T5 eye tube, rated at about 50%.Altho Zenith called this an Export model, (due to its ability to work with 5 different line voltages), I believe this radio was sold domesticaly, due to having the standard 1938 Zenith dial. This set also sports its original grill cloth, which is different in detail from the modern repro's. 
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