Restored Table Top Radios

Silvertone model 6160 Pee Wee

Its forgotten today, but Sears was among the top few radio  retailers in the day.  By the early '40's, the small, personal radio became popular. This is a nice example,  retaining its original (often missing today)back.
$ 850.00

Pilot model G 184

Long Island City, NY. based Pilot was a firm that was created at the dawn of commercial radio, and was famed for its excellent SW reception and build quality.In WW2, citizens of the belligerant powers residing in the States were required to have their radios SW band disabled, and this is such  set.

Truetone model D 723

Truetone was the house brand of the national retailer Western Auto.  This set was quite popular, with its large network dial and floral motif.

Silvertone model T 3

Silvertone was the house brand of the Sears, Roebuck and Co. retailer.  Sears was the largest retailer of the era, and almost everyone had a copy.This set was built by Detrola for Sears, and the huge dial, magic green eye tube were not enough, Detrola offered the motorized tuning, among the first in the industry.

Detrola model 145

Detrloa, based in, naturally, Dertroit, Mi., was a very prolific maker badged under their own name and many others, including Silvertone and Truetone. This set marks their first use of the magic green tuning eye tube.

Detrola model 139E

Detrola made some of the most iconic sets of the Golden Age, and this set is no exception. Featuring the large network dial and the bright green magic tuning eye tube, this radio has it all in one package.

RCA Victor 40x-56 NY Worlds Fair

ny worlds fair radio
Produced to commerate the 1939 NY Worlds Fair, at which the Amercian public was introduced to working television and GM exhibited a full size see thru sedan.The face of  this set illustrates the Trylon,Perisphere, and of course, the RCA exhibit hall.  Set is original in all respects, and retains its originaL back.

1938 Detrola T 2 "Egyptian" Table Radio

1928 Detrola Model T2 Table Radio
This is one of the most deco of antique radios.  The "Egyptian" nickname refers to the faboulous winged escutcheon. It is an eight tube set, originally 3 bands, with one of the first electrical automatic tuning mechanisms. The set receives AM and Shortwave, and does require  an external antenna, which I provide.  The third band is silent today, unused.  The set was virtually disassembled and rebuilt, and works as new.  All of my sets come with a 90 day electrical warranty.

1939 Aircastle Model 6128 Table Radio

1939 Aircastle Model 6128 Antique Restored Table Radio, front view
Antique restored table radio made by Sparton for Aircastle, which was retailed by Spiegle. Strong family resemblance to the Sparton model 6218,  also known as the "Lobster". Seven tube ( with eye tube), two band radio.  Solid performer and great style. Features an early mechanical push button tuner to preset your favorite stations. Large, this antique, classis set was also unusual in having the dial on the very top.  I have ordered a new dial face from The Radiolaguy.
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